Thursday, 14 February 2013

At last

We had our drive way poured last week, and finally have bins!!! Never thought we would be so excited about bins, but alas we are!
We love the driveway, not entirely happy with stepping stones and garden so will be getting this fixed.
On a different note, nearly 5 weeks ago we emailed the fairmont about many issues needing to be fixed or changed.
We called last week to ask and to add bathroom fan to list. So far we have not heard from them or had anyone fix anything on that list.
Quite disappointing, 90 days will be up and they've not returned call or organised these!


  1. Wow your driveway is looking awesome. We are completely frustrated at the moment. We had our hot water system stolen last week and we need a couple of windows changed and a new tub in our laundry. We have been told these have been ordered but we still cant get a handover date!!! After almost one whole year of a build that was suppose to take 6 months we are hitting our head up against a brick wall. My daughter is devastated that our house might not be ready in time for our little ones bday. Not happy!! Hope they get onto your list quickly. Fingers crossed for better news this week!!

  2. Oh gosh, I can't believe that!!!!
    I'm so sorry to read that guys :(
    How shocking, I really hope they get everything in and handover. That's ridiculous!
    Our list has been forgotten I'm sure , we will have to contact them again.
    I guess when they are behind with builds it makes it hard to get back to others.
    Good luck sands, I really feel for you and hope everything is resolved ASAP

  3. The place looks fantastic! Shame about Fairmont's lack of communication. We're delayed as well and not without our issues. Hope to put up an update soon, just been so flat out with work, the house, the wedding and ill family members :(

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that ash :(
    Hoping everyone is well and stress levels reduce ASAP!
    Thank you, slow progress bit we will get there. I emailed and we had a few people out to fix things. Our garage roof seems to have a problem, our garage had water flowing in from cornice. So quite a repair is needed, and electrician didn't show. Other than that, everything else has been fixed now. Thank fully!
    Hope to see updates soon ladies, I feel for you both!

  5. Amazing work guys! You have built such an amazing driveway.
    It will be easier for the vehicles to get in .
    Nice work again!
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