Thursday, 14 February 2013

At last

We had our drive way poured last week, and finally have bins!!! Never thought we would be so excited about bins, but alas we are!
We love the driveway, not entirely happy with stepping stones and garden so will be getting this fixed.
On a different note, nearly 5 weeks ago we emailed the fairmont about many issues needing to be fixed or changed.
We called last week to ask and to add bathroom fan to list. So far we have not heard from them or had anyone fix anything on that list.
Quite disappointing, 90 days will be up and they've not returned call or organised these!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

It's 2013 already?!?

Happy new year to everyone

Can't believe how much time flies, two years ago we drive into our suburb and fell in love. We can finally call it home, and its a wonderful feeling to lay our heads to rest here.

We have had very slow progress on the block, due to some unexpected medical expenses eating away at our finances.
However, we are slowly making our way back.
Drive way has been ready and waiting, for this rain to go away! We nearly have a pool out front!
We have given our list of things needing fixing to fairlont two weeks ago. Just waiting on these to be fixed, one item has so far.
Here are some pics, as I said though, we haven't done much, but look forward to once we pay off this credit card!!
Hope to see some exciting news from fellow builders in the coming months :)