Friday, 7 December 2012

Well that was upsetting

We have had a long and stressful day, with no good news.
The silly valuer didn't submit his report, bank didn't pay, hence we didn't get our keys.
We have had to cancel money for
Removalists, for weekend and now move in with my parents as our lease is up and we are homeless from tomorrow.

We had our carpet laid today and love it, house looks great but still little things are being finished off.
Here's some pics from today.


  1. Your house looks sorry you didnt get to move in .... The end is near though!!! just a question...what mirrors do you have in your bathroom? Are they the framed polished mirrors?

  2. I think so? I'm used to mirrors with timber frames but this looks like its a mirrored frame. If that makes sense sorry lol
    Felt a bit better after a few glasses of red last night.
    Hoping that bank can pay on Monday and we get out keys.
    Thank you, we are loving our house now can't wait to move in :)