Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A week already!!!

A week ago we were handed our keys, it's gone so fast and we have unpacked quite a bit. Still way too much to go!
Here's some pics, we don't own much to fill it up yet, we were in a one bedroom before so space was limited.
We will be slowly making our house our home.


  1. Has ot been a week already??? House is looking fabulous... Im not looking forward to the unpacking!!!!

  2. Lol I unpack what feels like 100 boxes an then anther 100 appear out of nowhere. Wish my bank account was like that!
    Thank you, still so mic to go through.
    When do you guys get your keys?

  3. It's looking great! Mick and I will also be without enough furniture for a while, plenty of time to plan and purchase. And what great fun! Keep us updated :)