Thursday, 1 November 2012

Will we've finished by the end of November?

We have seen tiles completed, paint started and kitchen and vanities go in in this week. Wonder if it will be finished in 3 weeks as told 2 weeks ago.
The errors aren't fixed yet and there's a couple of new ones too.
We are loving our colour choices, everything is coming together nicely.
Hope to report so more positive news in the coming weeks.


  1. The house looks amazing...your staircase and tiles... And everything really looks stunning. I do hope you are in soon. We have painfully realised we wont be in this year.

  2. Thanks sands :)
    It's frustrating isn't it, we have hit the 6 month mark in two weeks and thought we would be in by then. What stage are you up to?

  3. Well abit of everything is going on atm. There were architraves being put on and most of the waterproofing too. I just saw a truck dropping off tiles so Im hoping tiling will be done soon??? I really hope you guys are in in a couple of weeks. Are they doing your turf?

  4. Wow yours has gone pretty quickly then, that was us a few weeks ago. Thanks I hope we are too.
    We are doing carpet and outside ourselves.