Monday, 12 November 2012

6 months on

We have entered our 6 month of our build, with the finish line not quite in sight or stress free yet.
We have had a few things completed to our delight, such as front door colour, paint nearly finished, lights put in and kitchen.
We are expecting bench tops this week and splash back to be completed.
We have had a few errors that we had pointed out ages ago, still not corrected. I still have a feature niche hole instead of what they have in their display home. Holes in the mortar, bricks not right on the slab as well as no electrical cable in our front pillars so they told us the pillars would be knocked down to do. As well as incorrect cornices. That was a month ago and it hasn't been done.
They have neglected to tell us that our shower door can't open to get in because they have a vanity too close and a bath enclosing it in, not to plan. No idea how we will be having this problem corrected.
Really feeling depressed with the build, an regretting builder at this point. Here are some pics below:


  1. Oh the disappointment. I know exactly how you feel. Hopefully soon things WILL get resolved. Your bathroom situation is a particular shocker. You know, I've said it before (and I've said it to Tom), Fairmont's plumber is terrible. I'm still toying with asking for their licence number and reporting them to the NSW Dep Fair Trading. People deserve to be warned. Anyway, we'll see.

    On the plus side, you're front door looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I didn't think it possible, but I have door-envy!

    1. Actually, i wonder whose fault the bathroom issue is....maybe the carpenters..? Well, no matter whose fault it is, it shouldn't have happened and the buck stops with the site supervisor and, ultimately, Tom. Hope they sort it soon, it's such a waste of tiles, waterproofing and time to re-do now. Would have been so much easier to correct at framing.

  2. Lol thank you, I love my door so much! I quit smoking to pay for it!
    It seems the bath wa put in incorrectly, not sure if that's the plumber who installs it?
    It's being ripped out now and put according to plan, puts us back again.
    What happens once we go over the contract time?

  3. I am really living your house!! Im sure everything else will get sorted.. Love love those cornices!

    1. Thanks sands, you're place is coming along nicely too! Looking forward to more pics

  4. Hi ScottChan,

    In the defense of your site supervisor, John, a lot of the items discussed, such as cornice, infill of the niche at your entry and electrical, are organised throughout the job, generally towards the end whilst the quality control officer goes through and makes the list.

    We then organise for the trades to come back, so for example, the gyprock company will come back to organise these items, as well as touch up any walls that have been marked during construction.
    With regards to the painting items, these are still undercoats, and are finalised towards the end as well

    Lastly, we have looked into the time line, as I understand it can be frustrating with wanting to move in. At this stage, we have had a 3 weeks delay on the delivery of your choice of internal tiles from the supplier. Along with this, at the early stages before the house was completely locked up, we had a total of 24 days of weather affected delays. For example, This may be with 3 days of heavy rain, however the following 2 days you can get on site due to the conditions.

    All items that you are concerned with please send through and we will ensure that they will all be addressed prior to hand-over

    1. Hi fairmont
      In regards to issues to be fixed Daniel emailed this to me a few days ago.
      In regards to the weather the neighbours who started before us have had the same weather and ate now having drive ways concreted and moved in, about 6 houses are finished before us. How is that right?
      I have never met with John, Scott has once. Other blogs speak worth their ss regularly and are given dates of jobs. We have had noticed only a few times and usually it's not done when we have been told.
      The plumber has made too many errors and we have to wait for these to be done. The tiles and gyprocking and timbers were on the floor for a couple of week before they were done.
      We have met with Tom and had issues addresses and hope for it to be done

    2. *we started to before them and they are finished