Saturday, 22 September 2012

Retail shopping cures nearly everything

So to vent, we went shopping. To take advantage of beacons sales. We also paid some money off carpet and went and bought a few extra goodies.
My daughter scored a tutu lamp for her new room, my son vintage model car and aeroplane. And for us big kids a 9 piece outdoor dining setting with matching couch, armchairs and coffee table. I feel better, however, credit card does not.
We lay byed our chandelier and Paris pendants for master bedroom and formal lounge and dining, as well as bought out outdoor lights.
Drive past our house to see a guy working on cornice and finishing off gyprocking, looks like paint may come this week? However they have corniced the ensure wrong. I'm sick of picking up errors and pointing it out. I will wait to see how long it takes them to.


  1. Some excellent purchases there! Isn't retail therapy great?

  2. Sure is lol, need to make sure we don't go out this week or we won't have any money to pay for house!
    Sadly still nothing. We were told doors should've started last Friday and be finished by this Friday.
    Not a soul has been there.
    Hopefully it will be just like the blogs you've read and speed up. Your pics look great, I can't type on blogs as that automated message doesn't let me see word and type it in. But looking great :)