Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lining has started

So we have walls now, which has been awesome, showing us how it really does look and helping us visualise how we want to set our rooms out.
There's still some things that hadn't been corrected and now that there's walls I guess it will take more work and time to fix. We should be in before Xmas, and I really hope we are! The first pics should have a door, this piece of wood was taken out, but then put back in and is now a wall??! Why ??!
The third last pic wasn't meant to be a cut out, it was a niche like the entry in their display home, not sure I can get that now but know I don't want this niche a hole.


  1. Wow, I really hope our niche doesn't turn into a hole too! On the up-side your house looks great and progress is wonderful! But on the down side, the mistakes are frustrating aren't they??

  2. They sure are, hoping that these are the last, and things go at a great pace. Thanks, starting to get excited now, cornices hopefully this week.