Saturday, 11 August 2012

And we have a house!!!

We have had the scaffold pulled down and nearly all things external completed.
My dad, who has built 4 homes, went through though and has found some things not up to scratch.
Will have to get onto the builder this week. To see sunlight through bricks is unexceptable as well as the other things. Here are some pics of our house!


  1. Wow thats a good looking house.. love your external colours well done.

  2. Thank you, have your bricks started yet? Racing towards Xmas, hopefully we move in before then to enjoy it in our new homes

  3. Yes they have!!! Bottom half has finished. I guess we are waiting for the scaffolding now to do the top. We where told we will be in by xmas that would be soooo nice. How did you go with the issues that your dad found? Anything i should look out for?

  4. That's fantastic!!!
    We haven't had any of the issues resolved yet, with a couple more popping up too.