Tuesday, 31 July 2012

this week

This last week has seen some ups and downs. the sarking and tiles were done yesterday and today! That was exciting.
However, we have also noticed holes in our mortar, and that the plumber must've made an error and cut into our slab ande changed our pipes for our kitchen sink.
We have been told by others that this should never happen and could void our warranty, however, we had no idea of it.
We are waiting to see what is going on. Here are some pics
sarking from back of house

tiles from the back of house

                                                   tiles from the front
hole in brickwork, we have found others too

                                                                 plumbing mishap


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  2. Oh no... i better go check our plumbing. Apart from that all else looks really good..congrats.

  3. Thanks sands! Yea it's been crap :/
    Daniel explained that we don't discuss through ss that we go through Daniel. He is away though do I emailed Sharon who said she will pass it onto tom it's been 3 days and we haven't heard anything. I'm upset we weren't told?!! Ash how does it affect slab? The pic shows the mess they made :(

    1. I finally called Tom, and he basically said its all fixable and fine. He will see to it slab will be water and termite sealed. Will have to check. Wish he had gotten back to me earlier though. Quite downplayed, when others I speak to make it sound like a big deal?

    2. Fairmont finally got back to us too and also explained the issues as being either non-issues or fixable and that we should leave it to them (basically) - I'll cover it on my blog when I get the chance. I'm just not prepared to take a back-seat in something that we have a considerable amount of time, money and emotion invested in. I feel for Sharon if she's not normally the "go-to" but, I would like a more direct line with the person responsible for our build (something I will be communicating to Fairmont on Monday), though I'd be happy enough to go through Daniel (Sharon probably will be too lol!). *Sigh* It's never easy. At least we're all on our way to having awesome houses :)

  4. I dont know the first thing about these things but I do know that these guys wouldnt do half jobs. They are very good at whay they do and dont cut corners. We where talking to their designer Michael years before we built. If Tom says.theres nothing to worry about then Im sure he is right. Im sure many plumbers make errors on the thousands of jobs they do and Im sure its fixable and wont compromise your slab. Maybe I can say that because it didnt happen to mine but Im sure it will be fine...If you have any more concerns call Tom back and discuss. Hope things run abit smoother next week. The joys of building!!

  5. Did the plumbers fix everything already? Anyway, one good tip to consider when hiring professionals like plumbers is to inquire, doing your due diligence. That way, there would be no room for surprises that could lead to unsatisfactory results. Ask about their license, how much they charge and whether they are insured or not.

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