Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Plans Approved by Council

Woohoo, not long now til we finally see our dream!!
Saw on camden council's website that our plans were approved today, we are ecstatic!
Our builder said once machines are available we start, which is usually a week, cant wipe the smile off my face!


  1. I'm so excited for you!!!! But also angry at Campbelltown Council who not only are technologically challenged (with no such DA section of their website) but also really slow.

    Can't wait to start seeing your place go up! Remember to post lots of pics :)

  2. Thanks Ash, we Weill :)
    I can't believe you still haven't gotten yours that's unbelievable! Keep on their backs, hopefully it will be sorted soon, is it still the neighbour?
    Hopefully Daniel will get in touch this week letting us know machine is available in a week or so, I don't want to call as I fel I've bugged him enough lol

  3. Congratulations - the fun is just beginning :)

  4. thank you:) yay!!! hope it starts asap waiting is a pain, and we've been waiting a year for it lol

    1. How have things progressed..? I know what you mean about hassling Daniel, but you can't be worse than Mick and I!

  5. Glad to see not the only one :)
    He told me a machine should be starting by the end of this week. Hoping to do a drive by and see something today. We were wanting to be in by Xmas so fingers crossed there's no rain for a few weeks.