Saturday, 17 March 2012

Window shopping

So seeing as we have planned everything except the colour of the carpet, I have been thinking more about how I want the interior to look.
I used to be an addictive clothes shopper, since saving I've stopped and now I cant wait to spend money on all this stuff!!
So I've been looking at lights, lounges for formal and family areas, we have bought a dining table for meals area, but just cant seem to find the perfect one for our formal dining area.
Here are some pics of what I want, if you see or know of any sales and where I can source these let me know please =) addict wanting some release lol
chandelier over staircase

formal lounge and dining and study over my piano

formal lounge room table lamps

a light I would love for the formal dining table, nowhere to be found

our meals area dining table

the chandelier Scott wants above stairs

the one I want again, just in case you forgot how awesome it is!

theatre room idea, perhaps take out the curve? make it straight?

colour of formal lounge ideas

would love this in master bedroom

kitchen, our colours are almost exact, I love the pendants however ours has a walk in pantry at the end.
formal lounge ideas


  1. I know where you can get the lights cheaper and they'll customise them. We're buying ours from here and they're adding extra cord length for us as well as shortening one of the lights themselves. Anyway, here are a few like the ones you've chosen:

    They have lots of great lights to choose from, but you can also email them a pic of what you're after and they will check if they have anything similar that isn't listed on Ebay.

    I did have a cheap furniture contact that stocks items like you have above, but I can't find them...will keep looking for you.

  2. Wow, thats awesome! Thank you!!
    That would be great, thanks so much!

    Hows everything going with your build? Rain must be delaying start?

  3. Where is the chandelier that you said Scott wants above the stairs from?
    I think I need that for our bedroom!!

  4. The light is at beacon lightening that's the biggest one about 2 k they're very pretty And would be gorgeous in a master bedroom!