Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tile Selection

We took our feature tile to the tile shop, where we have a $25 allowance.
We just went to go and have a look and walked out with bathroom, splashback and floor tiles chosen, now we need to work out bathroom tiles for other two bathrooms and we are done!
So after umming and ahhhing we have decided that we will go white wall tiles, which we will buy to cover to the ceiling and tile these ourselves after the build. A charcoal floor tile to bring out our feature tile, which is charcoal and will be on both walls in the main bathroom upstairs.

Our splash back is 600 by 600 mocha glass porcelin tile, which we will have to pay $29 dollars per tile saving us about $1000 for the actually glass splashback.

Then we found a nice floor tile, watching our pennies we have gone for a small tile, as much as we loved the 600 by 600, just couldnt justify spending more. So we have the same tile 400 by 400 and all of our selections, except splashback are under budget.
We are extremely happy with our selections, here is a sample of our bathroom tiles.


  1. Love the all looks great. We are building with Fairmont Homes NSW too!! Good luck :)

  2. Thank you :)
    very exciting, we are still waiting back on answers about acoustic report.
    When will you start, which house are you building of theirs?
    Good luck!! I will pop onto your blog and check it all out :)

  3. We are building the double storey but we have changed alot of things as we have a narrower block than what will fit that design... but its everything we ever wanted. The kitchen is the same though... I love that kitchen!!! Good luck and will be following your progress.

  4. Thank you, we love that kitchen so much we upgraded to get it! Have chosen same colours and everything, it was chic and homey!!
    Good luck cant wait to see fairmont's progress on our homes :)

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