Saturday, 11 February 2012

Kitchen Selections

Last week, we visited the kitchen company.
We knew what we wanted and it was quite simple with our colours.
I really want soft close draws because I really would love those dividers in the draws for all my tupperware and pots and things.
However, doing so wil cost about $700... crazy
Should be getting our layout soon.
Our colours are:
Kitchen cupboards: Grey Oak melamime
Bench top: Caesar stone Ice Snow
Laundry is in laminate and matches quite well.
Now to take samples to the tile place, its very exciting. We are still waiting on the whole balcony issue, fingers and toes are still crossed.

We also purchased the tiles above as our feature tiles in the main bathroom, I have loved these for over a year. So excited!!
We just arent sure which way we want to lay them.....


  1. Looks good! We're still sorting our kitchen layout. Might head to a few display homes for inspiration...

  2. Thank you :) The dominico has a great big kitchen, that would be fun to play around with.
    We have a similar kitchen to that display only smaller.
    Loving the draws, and the dividers.
    We just came in from Masters, the sell them there, but not the ones I had in mind, and they fit non soft close draws too.
    May keep searching.
    How long til you guys start building?

  3. Just waiting on council now, who are due back to us by Monday. It will probably take a week from there to finalise the paperwork then the rest is up to Fairmont.

    The kitchen is a fiddly and expensive place to play but definitely fun! I love drawer dividers also. I'm thinking of getting some from Ikea or Howard's Storage World after hand-over...hmmm, another thing to research! But the effort is worth it :)

    I still have my fingers crossed for your developer approval. Keep us posted!

  4. Thank you, will do, wish we had heard back by now though.
    Hmmm Ikea, I shall be browsing the website later, thanks for that =)
    Hopefully, you will be ready to start by the end of the month, very exciting for you guys!