Wednesday, 11 January 2012

facade knocked back!

So Harrington Grove knocked back our plans, due to the balcony.
As we are close to and facing oran park drive, we are to have fixed windows only.
After being disheartened and stressed, we had been given some great ideas by others on the homeone site.
Our builder believes we may be able to have thicker glass and get around it all.
If not our thinking is to have a wrap around balcony, with door on the side.
What a joke, the noise would be the same you would think?
More $$$ even though we are already pushing our over the top budget, sort of wishing we bought a different block at the moment, as much as I love mine.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about this setback. Mick and I went through some heartache when we were first building (if you have a spare few hours you can read the beggining of our blog!). But we are so glad that we didn't let go of our dream. The Harrington Grove Guldlines are tough (I read them after accidentally coming across your beautiful neck of the woods while out driving the other day). Fairmont are pretty good though and I'm sure what they're saying will work, but I hear you on the $$$! Would a layout "swap" work at I.e. moving the Master Bedroom? Or, perhaps having the balcony off the upstairs living? (without knowing you or your block very well I apologise if my ideas aren't very helpful). Let us know what you come up with though, as I'm sure you and Fairmont will find a compromise to satisfy the Harrington Grove "Gestapo" :)

  2. lol Thank you :)
    Still waiting to hear back from Daniel, wonder what the verdict will be?
    I read your blog, you guys have been through so much it's crazy!
    Where are you building, if you dont mind me asking?
    We have been playing around with ideas on how to save $$$ by getting things done through people we know or ourselves to help save for any other surprises.
    Our land should settle in a a few weeks and as we are going for a land and construction loan, we need to work out the money asap.